the ricoma way of life

Always Thinking Beyond

What started as an idea to fill a need for embroidery business owners turned into a global operation - a brand built for creatives, business savvy entrepreneurs and everyday people brought to you by a team of thinkers, designers and engineers working together to create something that will last a lifetime.

Top 10 Textile and Apparel Technology Companies of 2019

Most Powerful Companies in the Decorated Apparel Industry

Top 10 Textile and Apparel Technology Companies of 2019

Most Powerful Companies in the Decorated Apparel Industry

Get to know us

Ricoma International Corporation is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of commercial and household embroidery machines. We opened our doors with one priority: helping decorated apparel businesses quickly and affordably meet their goals. Since then, the Ricoma name has boasted a presence in every corner of the world.

For many years, we’ve been a preferred source for embroidery equipment, digitizing software, stock designs and all other embroidery needs. Now, our products and services are distributed in over 160 countries and across six continents through our global network of distributors. Our constant growth can be attributed to our mindset. We think beyond in productivity, technology, strategy, marketing and customer service.

A Universal Business

As an American brand with Japanese technology and German engineering, Ricoma is a truly universal business. Our diverse staff is dedicated to creating business opportunities in every corner of the globe. Ricoma’s research and development team has established a strategic alliance with partners in the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Rockstar Team

Our staff consists of a group of professionals with diverse skills that contribute to our ultimate goal: customer satisfaction.

Global Footprint

We began with an idea to fill a need in the decorated apparel industry: the need for quality equipment that’s both reliable and affordable. To better serve our customers abroad, we teamed up with the strongest regional distributors worldwide. Now, Ricoma products and services are being distributed in over 160 countries – and our network is still expanding.

Ricoma Factory

Ricoma is headquartered in Miami, USA, and has its own manufacturing facility in Huizhou, China


Our factory is a state-of-the-art production facility with a spacious plant that is operated efficiently to fill customers’ orders.


For more than a decade, we have been committed to research, development, design and production of computerized embroidery machines and software applications.


With the establishment of a strict and comprehensive quality management and control system, each product undergoes a rigorous inspection and testing process.

A message from our president...

As President of Ricoma, I would like to thank our worldwide network of customers and suppliers for your continued support and business. Thanks to you, the Ricoma name is now present in over 160 countries – and it won’t end there. We appreciate the trust and support you have placed in our company and will continue to grant our customers the competitive advantage they deserve and expect from us. For many years, we’ve helped decorated apparel businesses make it to the top. Only when our customers succeed with our products and services, can we succeed in our business! This is our company’s foundation and what we continue to believe to this day. Now and always, we will maintain our commitment to excellent quality, superior service and competitive pricing.

Frank Ma

President of Ricoma