Chroma digitizing software solution

Chroma redefines digitizing, offering a seamless experience for beginners and expert digitizers alike. Choose from three exclusive subscription plans to elevate your skills, unlocking advanced features as you progress. Plus, Chroma's universal compatibility ensures that no matter your embroidery machine, you can unleash your creativity without limits!

Gain access to training + tutorials when you subscribe

Take advantage of Chroma's full potential with flexible monthly or yearly subscription plans, offering unlimited updates and automatic improvements. You’ll also have access to expert training with an instructor, tutorials, and unlimited tech support. Whether you're new to digitizing or a seasoned pro, our resources are designed to enhance your skills and elevate your designs. Subscribe now for seamless creativity!

Highly Intuitive

Artboard Features

  • Horizontal and vertical toolbar
  • Grid view
  • Hoop view
  • Change color or add textures to background
  • See your designs in realistic view
  • Embroidery sequence panel
  • Customize and save color palette
  • Convert images to stitches and fills
  • Digitize over a backdrop image that is added to artboard using the backdrop tool
  • Tutorial videos
  • Save and export designs
Fully functioning

Digitizing Tools

  • Slow redraw (simulates sewing)
  • Auto-Digitizing
  • Multiple stitch types and complex fills
  • Artwork tool to create designs
  • Auto density adjustments when resizing designs
  • Convert artwork to digitized designs
  • Batch conversion to export multiple file formats at one time
  • Design with parametric shapes
  • Split design
  • Photo to embroidery
  • Sequin and Chenille options
Fully Customizable

Lettering/Font Features

  • Pre-digitized fonts
  • Import True Type fonts
  • Monogram, 3D puff, Small, and Appliqué font types
  • Edit lettering with break up text tool
  • Multiple text types
  • Reorder sequence of text
  • Resize, rotate, distort text
  • Adjust spacing between letters and lines of text
  • Duplicate text
  • Reverse direction setting
  • Change to and use True Type fonts with one click

Chroma is perfect for...


Chroma is the premier digitizing software for embroiderers. Built and designed for both beginners and experienced digitizers, you'll be designing your next embroidery project with ease and speed. No need to outsource your designs when you'll be a digitizing master!


With an easy-to-use interface and built-in customization tools, Chroma allows digitizers to pump out high-quality designs faster than ever. Chroma speeds up the lengthy digitizing process, so that you can get your product in the hands of your customers quickly and efficiently.


Graphic and fashion design students and teachers alike can use Chroma software to eliminate the digitizing learning curve and dive straight into practical, hands-on designing for embroidered garments. Students and teachers will receive the full digitizing learning experience with Chroma's simple customization tools and free training videos.

Create a new design or open an existing one
Save designs for any embroidery machine
Merge or open an existing design within another existing design
Design library to save, store, search and organize designs to use within other designs or open on the fly
Save design as image (JPG/PNG)
Import artwork/bitmap
Collapsible tool panels
Backdrop tool imports an image into your file, providing a reference for digitizing
Print out your design
Send a design to an embroidery machine (machine must support a serial port connection)
Batch Export feature exports multiple file formats at one time
Realistic view feature toggles between lifelike view and stitch view
Show or hide Grid
Show or hide stitches using the sequence panel
Zoom in & out using mouse scroll, 1:1
Pan tool is a scroll feature that allows you to click and drag your screen to move (left/right/up/down)
Show or hide Stitch Ends
Ruler tool measures any part of your design
Hoops tool allows you to select an existing hoop size inside of Chroma or you can program your own
Change background color of your artboard to match the color your design will be placed on
Add texture to your artboard background to see your design on different fabrics
Show or hide machine commands within your file
Set your own Start/Stop point
View/edit the sequence in which your design will sew out
See the order in which your design will sew out using the redraw tool
Navigator tool combines the scrolling and pan tool to view areas of your design quickly
Filter through your design by color or sequence (when right clicking on the design)
Access to Design Analysis which provides details about your design such as stitch count, sewing time, dimensions, etc.
View your design on a library of different 3D Models such as hoodies, t-shirts, caps, and more
Rotate clockwise/counterclockwise
Flip selected paths
Mirror selected paths
Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, and group
Zoom in/out
Transform (resize, flip, or rotate selection)
Select tool
Color sort
Resequence by color
Optimize path sequence
Optimize entry-exit points
Shape tool
Repeat tool allows you to repeat your design (good for sewing multiple designs at a time)
Select same feature allows you to select objects that have the same color, size, width, etc. as other objects in the design
Carousel tool puts selected paths into a circle
Reflect tool
Scatter tool
Place tool adds objects around necklines
Lasso tool is used to draw a line around a specific part of your design you want to select
Stitch tool allows you to manually edit individual stitches (inserting, deleting, changing color, etc.)
Slice Tool
Bead tool creates mark stitches to show where beads need to be placed on fabric
Text tool allows you to type out text, pre-digitized fonts, size, and other text specs
Use True Type Fonts to import fonts from your computer to use in your design
Pre-digitized fonts
150 total
200 total
250 total
Monogram fonts
Small fonts
3D Puff fonts
Appliqué fonts
Break Up Text tool will separate any selected group of text into individual letters to be moved or edited separately
6 different text types: Normal, circle, monogram, spiral, path, and vertical (text type conforms to these options. Ex: circle, text forms in the shape of a circle)
Bubble Text tool lets you easily make text designs using shapes, colors, and decorations
Font editor to modify or create new fonts
Auto Digitizing
Underlay settings
Pull/Push compensation settings
Column settings for satin stitches
Run/Classic Satin stitch types
Complex Fill with holes
Artwork/Create parametric shapes
Stitched Snapshots (photo to embroidery)
Auto Cross stitch
Auto Baste
Convert To (Steil, Fill etc)
Shaping options (Subtract, Exclude, and Knockout)
Pattern & Palette Creator
Steil/Cross Stitch
Add Notes to your design file
Magic Wand tool to digitize parts of your image/vector with one click
Utility (Create Border, Outline etc)
Gradient Fills & Color Blending
Varsity Complex Fill Type (mimics chenille)
Plaid Complex Fill Type
3D Foam Complex Fill Type
Stippling Complex Fill Type
Motif/Emboss Complex Fill Types
Wave Complex Fill Type
Split Design (Multiple Hoops)
The Appliqué Cutter tool will export your file for a plotter or vinyl cutter.
Add Button holes
Instant stitch estimation for your designs
Steil cap & miter ends
Sequin Stitch & Fill
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Chenille Options
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Minimum Requirements

Operating system – Windows 10 | Version 20H1 (Windows 11 recommended) or MacOS 10.14 Mojave (Big Sur and up recommended)
Memory – 8 gb
Free hard disk space – 40 gb
Graphics card and monitor – support for 32bit and 1600 x 900 resolution
Internet connection - required for software updates

New features to give you the best
best digitizing experience possible

Gain unparalleled efficiency and precision with Chroma's latest enhancements. With cutting-edge tools and features, you can speed up your workflow and enhance your designs in ways you never thought possible. Discover the power of innovation as Chroma redefines the digitizing experience.

Video Tutorials

Master Chroma's digitizing capabilities with our extensive video tutorials.
You'll become a Chroma expert in no time!

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Training & Tech Support

If you're facing challenges with fixing a design or experiencing technical issues, our dedicated support team is here to help.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To get started with the Chroma subscription, you first purchase the first 12 months upfront. Afterward, you can subscribe to either a monthly or yearly plan. To keep receiving unlimited updates as new features are released, you must maintain an active monthly or yearly subscription plan.

Gain access to tutorials, which provide comprehensive guidance on the digitizing process from start to finish and will help you master Chroma's unique functions.

Enroll in exclusive training with an instructor through your My Ricoma portal, with multiple classes available every week.

For additional assistance, our tech support line is open 7 days a week to answer any questions about the software.

You can save your file as an RDE, EXP, DST, DSB, DSZ, T01, SST, KSM, U01, U02, DAT, T03, PHC, 10o, ZSK, T05, TAP, M3 PES, EMD, PCS, PCM, SEW, HUS, SHV, CSD, JEF, VIP, VP3, VP4, ZHS, or XXX

Chroma can be activated on up to 5 devices. You can download Chroma from your confirmation email or log in to your Chroma account or My Ricoma account. After downloading to your devices, follow the steps to enter your serial number and activate Chroma. Please note, Chroma cannot be used on more than one device at the same time.

Chroma has multiple languages built-in, including English, Chinese, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Korean.

If you already have Chroma, you can upgrade to our new subscription plan to receive the latest updates and digitizing tools. Subscribe now.