See why customers love Ricoma

We have helped thousands of embroidery businesses get started and expand in over 150 countries. With our unmatched industry support and top of the line equipment, there's a reason why our customers are choosing Ricoma.

The road to success starts
with a Ricoma machine…

From graphic design to a full time
embroidery business

With the combination of 0% financing and the technical support, that was basically an ease in making the decision!


How these embroiderers hit
30,000 caps in 6 months

I can easily set this machine up for any client, run any design on that machine, and I'll guarantee you, it will compete with any machine on the market today.


When quality is key,
Ricoma dominates

We decided that Ricoma was our best bet. It's innovative, faster and more precise. You can see the difference in the embroidery itself.


How this screen printer expanded to embroidery thanks to financing

Ricoma has a great financing and it's part of what got me hooked up with them in the first place because like I could sell one item basically and pretty much cover my machine!


Hear for yourself why
customers are choosing Ricoma

Our customers tell it best which is why their opinion means the most to us.
No matter the machine model, there's a story to tell.
Hear why they believe Ricoma comes out on top every time.

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