multi-head embroidery machine
+ Luminaris 200 essentials bundle

When you want to maximize your design potential, our multi-head embroidery machine and Luminaris 200 white toner transfer printer bundle give you everything you need to do it. Our multi-head embroidery machines make bulk orders a breeze, and when you add a white toner transfer printer to the mix, you become a one-stop shop that can easily create mixed media designs on shirts, jackets, caps, and more. 

EMBROIDERY & LUMINARIS 200 RICOMA BUNDLE SALE: A complete multi-head embroidery machine package and Luminaris 200 white toner transfer printer + heat press bundle!       

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Unbeatable financing.
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100% satisfaction.

One of the challenges of starting or growing a custom apparel business is having enough capital to pay for high-quality equipment. The good news is that you can secure attractive monthly payments with special promotional financing on these two items, saving you thousands on your investment. Get started by contacting us today. 

Why embroidery + heat transfer printing is
beneficial for your business

  • Increased efficiency by utilizing print to cover large areas 
  • High profit potential since you can charge a premium for mixed media designs 
  • Wider range of product offerings that include both embroidered and printed goods 
  • Transforms your business into a one-stop-shop, which is more efficient for your customers 
  • Gives you an edge over the competition

What can you do with embroidery + heat transfer printing?

What's included in this
all-inclusive bundle?

embroidery machine

embroidery machine

  • Heavy-duty steel stand
  • Multiple hoops
  • Cap driver assembly with cap rings
  • Embroidery starter kit
  • Ricoma limited 5-year warranty
  • Chroma digitizing software
  • 3-month subscription to

Luminaris 200
white toner transfer printer

Luminaris 200
white toner transfer printer

  • iKonix 15" x 15" Flat Heat Press
  • Set of transfer toner CMYKW
  • VividRIP Software (Mac and PC Compatible)
  • 100 sheets 2-step transfer paper
  • 12-month warranty
BONUS: Chroma Luxe digitizing software upgrade
($1,400 value)
BONUS: Extra toner cartridges for the Luminaris 200
($495 value)
BONUS: Up to $7,400 OFF your complete bundle

The possibilities are endless!


15 needle two-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 7-inch panel


20 needle three-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 8-inch panel


20 needle two-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 8-inch panel


15 needle four-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 10-inch panel


15 needle six-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 10-inch panel


15 needle eight-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 10-inch panel


15 needle twelve-head
commercial embroidery
machine with 10-inch panel

View a live demo from the comfort of your home

You don't have to take our word for it! Watch a multi-head embroidery machine and Luminaris 200 in action for yourself when you schedule free virtual demos with an expert. During your personal sessions, you can watch the full embroidery and printing process live and ask any questions you have.

Schedule a virtual demo
From beginner to pro in no time

No experience? No problem. Ricoma offers unlimited 7-day and after hour support for the lifetime of your machine. We also include both pre-recorded and live video training so that you can interact with our techs in real-time as well as watch instructional videos on your own time.

Enjoy peace of mind with the best warranty coverage

Keep your embroidery machine covered for the first 5 years with our included warranty and 12 months for the Luminaris 200. So you can rest easy knowing your business is backed by the industry's best support.

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Increase your offering

Maximize your investment

Belt Hoop

Con un área de bordado de 8 pulgadas x 4 pulgadas, el aro del cinturón permite un amplio espacio para el bordado en cinturones, fajas y correas.

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Laser Device

Con una amplia variedad de tamaños de aro para elegir, estos aros magnéticos hacen que el aro sea rápido y fácil y ayudan a prevenir las marcas de aro causadas por los aros normales.

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8-in-1 Device

Diseñado para artículos no hoopables y difíciles, como bolsillos de camisa, calcetines, espaldas de gorras, mangas de camisa, puntas de cuello y más.

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Preguntas frecuentes

The Luminaris 200 uses the A4 printing size, which is big enough to create prints that cover a large area on the front of a t-shirt. However, with the VividRIP (Mac and PC Compatible) software that is included in your bundle, you can go even bigger as it automatically cuts the design in a way that can be seamlessly pieced together. So if your customer needs a custom item like a long banner, the Luminaris 200 can print designs that are up to 52 inches in length.

Yes, it includes the following toner cartridges: cyan, magenta, yellow, black, and white.

The Luminaris 200 does not support sublimation printing.

While there is a learning curve, every Ricoma machine is user-friendly and easy to learn. In fact, most of our customers begin embroidering from the moment they unbox their machines. The key is to practice using your machine frequently to get the hang of it. Also, remember that you’re not alone; your purchase includes free hands-on training and unlimited support 7 days a week and after hours. So if you ever run into any issues, or just need help with something on your machine, our certified technicians are here for you.

Ricoma technicians are available to you 7 days a week. When you’re starting off, you’re likely running your machine during the weekends if you have other commitments during the workweek. We understand that. That’s why, aside from having 7-day customer support, we also provide resources such as training, manuals and how-to videos on our machines. We’re constantly working on materials such as blogs, videos and webinars to help you get started and succeed in your business.