Direct-to-Film Transfer Printer

+ Heat Press & Purifier Package

The Ricoma Revel Duo DTF-1202TA is a brand-new 12-inch-wide printing workhorse with the powder shaker and dryer in one compact machine, making it ideal for start-ups and growing businesses with limited space. Built with cutting-edge features, this DTF printer delivers clean, beautiful, and long-lasting transfers for use on cotton, poly-cotton, polyester, blended fabrics, and more. RICOMA SALE: Starting at just $15,950, this all-inclusive package comes with everything you need to embark on your printing journey. Plus, enjoy free shipping on your order for a limited time!

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The possibilities are unlimited!

Take a look at what you can accomplish with the ground-breaking
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA's printing system
What’s Included
  • VividRIP Software (Mac and PC compatible)
  • Hosonsoft Editing and Print Management software
  • 30cm x 100m roll 
  • DTF Inks ONE 1L each of C,M,Y,K,W 
  • DTF Adhesive Powder 1kg
  • Purifier
  • Online training
  • Ricoma 16" x 20" Auto Open Flat Heat Press
  • 12 Month Warranty  
All-In-One Printing Combo
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA

Say goodbye to the hassle of juggling separate equipment for your transfers. With its ingenious design, the Revel Duo DTF-1202TA does it all – effortlessly printing your transfers and swiftly drying them – all in a single compact machine. That means no more wasted time or extra expenses.

Revel Duo DTF-1202TA
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA Panel
Versatile High-Tech Printing System
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA Panel

The Revel Duo DTF-1202TA produces stunning digital transfer sheets, so you can print anything from single-color shirt labels to left-chest logos to full-size prints on a max width of 12 inches.

Lightning-Fast Machine Output
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA

The Revel Duo DTF-1202TA is made for high-volume production at unprecedented speeds, producing 100 transfer sheets in under an hour. The more assembly stations you have, the more you can take advantage of the machine’s incredible output.

Revel Duo DTF-1202TA
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA
The Magic of PET Film
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA

This printer uses translucent PET transfer film, which allows you to see your design underneath when you later heat-press it onto your garment, assuring the quality of your final product. This environmentally-friendly film is made from reusable plastic and is fully recyclable, and its thickness of about 0.75 mm allows for superior transfers every time.

Dual-Head Technology
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA

A dual print-head system prints colors in perfect sequence to achieve maximum life and vibrancy. The first print head lays down a mix of CMYK colors, while the second print head prints a perfect white under base on top of the colors, ensuring you don’t see any white ink.

Revel Duo DTF-1202TA
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA
Picture-Perfect Images
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA

This machine features an Ultra-Color intelligent adaptive coloring system that enables high-resolution and super-real color printing to deliver eye-catching transfers for T-shirts, hoodies, aprons, and more. And since it prints on film, you’ll get perfectly smooth images no matter what you print on.

Trademark Soft Touch
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA

With the distinctive powder adhesive coating of DTF prints, your finished products are soft and smooth to the touch. The moisture-seeking powder is drawn to the ink, bonding chemically to form a strong, long-lasting adhesive that sticks to both cotton and polyester fabric.

Revel Duo DTF-1202TA
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA Panel
Software Solutions Built for Your Business
Revel Duo DTF-1202TA Panel

The included software gives you full control of the printing process, allowing you to adjust the ink laydown, color accuracy on blended gradients on each channel, and ink flow.

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Enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year limited warranty

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Create stunning prints on T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts, flags, uniforms, and plenty of other garments. With the easy-to-use software, heat press, purifier, and other items included in the package, you can get started right away without having to spend more on additional accessories. 
Special promotional financing
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Machine Technical Specs
Model Type
Duo 1202TA
Print Head Technology
Resolution Settings
Max: 720 x 1800
Typical Print Speeds
4pass 14 m2/h 6pass 9 m2/h
Color control
ICC or density curve
Printable area (width)
12 inches
Genuine direct-to-film CMYK and white inks
Operating Environment
Temperature 59°F-86°F, Humidity 35%-65%
Electrical Requirements
220V, 50Hz, 30Amp
Required Operating System
Windows 7 or above

Printable Substrates
Combed Cotton, Ring Spun Cotton, Organic Cotton,
Polyester, Blended Fabrics, Poly-Cottons, Tri-Blends,
Supported File Types
Machine: 82.6’’L x 43.7’’W x 47.5’’H 
Shipment package DTF-1202TA: 47.6’’L x 26.2’’W x 30.5’’H
Shipment package DRYER-12TA: 77.2’’L x 45.3’’W x 44.7’’H
Net weight: 617 lbs. (279.9 kg)
Gross weight: 771.6 lbs. (350 kg)